Policies for
COVID-19 Social Contract
I acknowledge that I am aware of certain risks of participating in public events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that I am choosing to enter the venue my tickets are purchased for. I understand that by leaving my home, I am exposing myself to a greater risk of becoming infected with coronavirus, or of infecting other people. In order to do my part to not spread this virus, I agree to not enter the venue and to return home if (a) I have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above, (b) the venue's medically trained professional determines that I may not safely enter the venue, or (c) there is reason to believe I carry the coronavirus despite the current absence of symptoms. If I enter the venue, I agree to strictly follow all health and safety rules the venue has posted, which are designed to protect patrons, workers, and performers.
General Policies
Our BISD students have spent many hours in preparation for this program. We appreciate the time you have given by coming to support our organization. Please observe these special considerations so that everyone may enjoy the performance while showing respect for the students on stage.
1.) Turn off cell phones and all electronic devices.
2.) Please refrain from talking during the performances.
3.) Children are welcome at the show. If they become restless, please tend to their needs in the hallway outside the auditorium.
4.) Please remain seated during the performance of a song.
5.) BISD requires the use of facemarks during all events, and supports social distancing. Please follow all BISD mitigation strategies in order to allow our students the opportunity to continue to perform Live and in front of an audience. Thank you.
Enjoy the Show!
Ludus Refund Policy
Refunds and exchanges are at the discretion of the event organizer ( All Ludus convenience fees are non-refundable.